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Book Reviews

One of my favorite parts about growing up in church was hearing people's testimonies. I wished I could be like them and bring my story together in a way that is appealing, informative and teaches of the truth of God's grace and our savior Jesus Christ.  This book is a perfect example of one of those wonderful testimonies, but in written form.  Bradley takes you through parts of his life when he knew God was with him and is able to demonstrate that to readers in a way that will impact the reader.


The best part of the book is that it breaks down each chapter with questions that connect his experiences with the word of God and gives you an opportunity to examine your life and the grace God has bestowed upon it.  By learning about Mr. Troutman's walk with Christ, you are able to put together notes about your own relationship with Him.  This book will teach you about God's presence in one man's life, but even greater than that you will learn how to share your story.  Each of us Christians have a testimony of our own whether we are aware of it or not.  This book helps emphasize the importance of your story and how to bring share it to impact the Kingdom of God.                                                                                                 

                                                                                           -Jonathon T


Awesome book. Truly touched my heart describing times when God acted in his life. Swift read and highly recommended. 

                                                                                         - Ron E.

It was such a wonderful book! I had to force myself to put it down so I could go to sleep.  I finished it the next morning.  It is a very interesting and inspirational book!

                                                                                - Rebecca H.

Your book was absolutely phenomenal! I felt that you were sitting right next to me pulling me into your memories and teaching me gospel in subtle ways! I cannot wait for your next book and I truly hope there will be a next one!  You were really brave not only writing and publishing this but telling your own experiences in life!

                                                                                         - Kassie D.

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